Saturday, December 29, 2007

M-E-R-R-Y Christmas!

This Christmas is really and unexpectedly MERRY! I got great gifts, saw great friends and heard great news…Haha, here I am to count all those merriness with a grateful heart.

Christmas Eve on Shamian

So this year is actually my first time to attend the Christmas Eve Service in Shamian Church. I used to avoid that before cos church was always packed that day. But since I got some precious girls going, I decided to fight for a seat this year. I arrived 45 minutes before the service and the ushers were already blocking people from entering for the church was way packed. So I kinda sneaked in with the assurance that Jade had already saved me a seat. (Thanks,sis!) The service started at 7 and it was AMAZING from the beginning to the end! Choir, solos, story telling, sharing, brief sermon…all combined together in a beautifully decorated church where warmth and joy mellowed and overflowed. Aww…and all those praises and worship were given to the Holy One – Jesus Christ! After the service, policemen had to help keep the order outside of church for people were still trying to flood in. The night time on Shamian Island was pretty charming, except that it was way too crowded that night. (I wish all people would know the true meaning of Christmas.)

I’ve posted a photo album on facebook so that you may see more of what the church and service were like. If you still aren’t on facebook, you really should get on!

A Talk with Amber!
I think the greatest gift I got for this Christmas was a long talk with Amber on phone!! She got me an international phone card this summer so that I could call her. It was so refreshing to hear her sweet voice!!! We were both excited...

Magan and Adam Got Engaged!
This is the greatest news of the year!! I am sooo excited for them. I am trying every effort to go to America to attend their wedding. Pray that everything would work out.

Passion Worship Coming to HK
Yeah…there will be no Passion Worship events in Atlanta or LA or anywhere in the States in 2008, cos they will be touring the world. AND they are coming to Hong Kong in October!! I hope I will get to experience it. More infor will be launched out on their website later in January. Get pumped, people!

Chao Visiting Guangzhou

Chao came back to China to see his family for the first time in a year and a half after he has been to LSU. I was happy to finally meet him. He came all the way from Hunan province to visit Guangzhou yesterday. I met up with him at the train station and showed him around Shamian. We had a great time talking and visiting. He told me what life of Chinese students was like at LSU and I told him what being a Christian was like in China. Oh, and he got me a whole box of Ferrero chocolates! So happy! Thanks, bro! :)

Zhang Xue You Concert
Here he comes – Zhang Xue You, the greatest singer! He is having two concerts in Tianhe Sport Stadium both last night and tonight to conclude his 2007 world concert tour. I am glad he selected Guangzhou as the final spot. Tickets were usually sold out a month before his every concert wherever he went. So I was lucky to get a ticket for tonight, although it was expensive. Can’t wait!!

I’d like conclude this long post with a link to my favourite Christmas song of this year by Zhang Xue You. It’s called Lost Christmas. I think you will find a peace in it. Enjoy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

¡Quiero estudiar mas español!

Hace cuatro meses que estudiar el español. Para mi, el español esta cada vez mas interesante y lo me gusta mucho. Lo aprendo tranbjando y con mucho entusiasmo. Me levanto muy temprano todas las mañanas porque quiero leer mi libro de español antes de mis clases.¡Que contento estoy que puedo hablar español! Claro, ahora lo hablo solo un poco, pero yo estudiare mas en futuro. Deseo hablar español tan bien como los españoles.

Ademas de el idioma de español, me gusta mucho la cultura de España. Las canciones, los bailes de flamenco, los edificios, las comidas, la gente y el futbol – todos son fabulosos. He visto unas programas sobre Madrid y Bacelona por la television. ¡Que bonitos son esas ciudades! A lo mejor yo ire a España un dia para viaje o trabajo. ¡Quien sabe! Jajajaja... :)

Oye, mi compañero me ha dicho que hay una pragrama de Hong Kong Radio. La programa llama “Ole,Ole,Spain” y ensaña español. Estoy la escuchando ahora y me la gusta mucho.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chicken Rice,please!

The other day, my roommate shared an interesting story with me and I translated it as follows:

My name is Ming. The first time I went out to eat in a restaurant, I looked at the menu and ordered BBQ Pork Rice. It tasted good-the meat was crispy outside and soft inside, together with the honey sauce, my taste buds told me they had the best experience ever. Since then, I would order BBQ Pork Rice every time no matter which restaurant I went to.

(Restaurant A) Ming: May I have BBQ Pork Rice?
(Restaurant B) Ming: I want BBQ Pork Rice!
(Restaurant C) Ming: Waiter, BBQ Pork Rice, please!
(Restaurant D) Ming: Waiter…
Waiter: BBQ Pork Rice!! I got it!

Surprisingly, BBQ Pork Rice tasted good everywhere! One day, I traveled to another city and went into a restaurant at noon. I searched through the menu but Alas, NO BBQ Pork Rice. What am I gonna eat?! I started to panic as the waiter approached me. I frowned and flipped the menu hectically at a light-year speed. Reading my face, the waiter suggested, “Chicken Rice is good. TRY it!” “Ok,” I replied. Then the Chicken Rice was brought before me. Feeling like a guinea pig, I took the first mouthful, then I took another, and another and another…until the plate was shiny clean. Gee…Chicken Rice tasted GOOD! For the first time, I realized that besides BBQ Pork Rice there was something else that was awesome too.

I went to restaurant D again.
Ming: Waiter, I want Chicken Rice!
Waiter: What?!
Ming: CHIC-KEN Rice, please!

Later, I even realized that there were actually many different kinds of rice that were amazingly delicious- Steak Rice, Roasted Duck Rice, Roasted Goose Rice, Minced Beef Rice…just to name a few. The question is: _WHY_ was I so afraid of making changes and trying new things? After all, if Chicken Rice didn’t turn out to be good, I could still order BBQ Pork Rice next time. Life should be full of new tries so as to be colorful.

I can really resonate with this story. We all have times in our lives when we are with an one-side mind and just cling to the good-old things in the name of safety while missing something else, something new, something creative and something of vitality. They can be good too. Hey, friends!
Let’s order Chicken Rice this time!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Job Hunt - First Wave

Just came back from my daily English reading and thought that I should take a few minutes to update my blog. To practice my interpretation, I've formed a habit of reading out English loud for around 30mins most evenings (though I want to say "every evening", but God would know I lie) since last semster. A slight sense of giult was gripped off from me this evening when I closed my book cos I haven't spent the amount of time that I should have on my practice lately... Tracing it to the essencial cause, I have been swept into the first wave of job hunt.

October and December is the time when the so-call " Head comapnies"(namely large companies and cross-national cooperations) recruit different kinds of trainees. So campus talks come one after another like waves, bewildering enough to drown students who have little knowledge about them like me. I used to ignored those things cos I thought the chance of offer was too slight, say 1/80,000. Although the chance doesn't seem any better now and it will never be, I guess I can't shut my eyes against opportunities any more. About a month ago, I ran into a friend who graduated from Zhongda and now working in the Bank of China, he asked me if I was submiting my CV online. I shrugged my shoulder and replied,"NO". Then he tensely gave me a warning lecture right at the exist of the metro. I was thankful to that cos it was for my own good. Then as I was interning in the trade fair in the next three weeks, I didn't do much about online job application. That means I might have missed many good companies. Last week, I finally submitted my first online application to Nestle, and then this week to Maesk and maybe later to AC Nielson and Weyth... Again, the chance is slim, but as my friend says,"no matter what it turns out to be , you won't regret it as long as you have tried your best." So true!

Another thing that makes me have a complicated attitude towards this job-hunt wave is that I might be hanging in the air. As I involve myself in this wave, I can't spend as much time as I am supposed to in studying Spanish and preapring for TEM8 (test for English Major Band 8). That really causes me to feel unstable.

Last week, Vicky came into Guanzhou from the University City and we met up at Teenmall. You know, what a great feeling to hug the person whom you share telepathy with! Her situation is better cos she has been admitted to the graduate school of Zhongda, but she has immersed herself in this job-hunt wave much ealier than me. To her - those are more options besides going to grats school. It's really funny that she put her situation like this," I am just on a reprieve of two years." be honest, I am sure such a talented girl won't have any problem finding a good job.

At this point, in face of the wave, I keep reminding myself:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, October 20, 2007

That's what friends are for

I just heard this beautiful song from the O.C. - "That's what friends are for". Can't really describe how much it touches me! Today is the kind of days when I have specail feelings from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep,although nothing special actually has happened. The deepening realization of having awesome friends in my life is like a blissful spring that flows inside me, sweetly and gently,irrigating each body cell.

Haha...may be a little emotional right now, but just think that I should let you all_My Precious Friends_, know that I LOVE YOU - and that's what friends are for!

Here is the link to the song and lyric:
If you happen to bump into this note of mine and still get another 4:15 minutes, would you please listen to this song and allow it to tell you how much I appreciate you, each individual of YOU!

The song is still playing in my computer...I think I'd better keep silent right now and let this blissful feelings soak deeper in me.:)

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Huge new TV

Over the National holidays, my father bought this huge new Panasonic Plasma TV. I was thrilled at the size of the TV when he took me to the store and showed me that.The "WOW! No way!" kind of thoughts were still running through my head as I sat at the sofa in the living room and watching at the widescreen. The interesting thing about widescreen is that everthing seems shorter and ...fatter (I think it's somewhat funny). But overall, it is as luxurious as having a small private cinema at home. :)

The old TV is still watchable, but just doesn't work so well at times,plus the new one is not cheap, which was why mum and I asked dad to think twice before he bought the new one. But I assumed dad was right in sticking to his purchase philosophy - buy things with better quality and relatively higher yet affordable price. The old one he bought has been used for 17 years without repairs.

Speaking of the ole TV, I remember a funny scene: one day 17 years ago,when I was back home from the kindergarten, I hit my nose at a big and tall case sitting at the door. It took me quiet a while to realize it was a new TV (a big one to me at that time). Then for the next 30 mins, I danced around the case quite the way an Australian aboriginal did around his prey over fire. Haha...I had an insane kind of excitement in me, I guess.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Pre-holiday Syndrome

Pre-hoilday Syndrome usually haunts students pretty bad and we are now seeing it taking its toll! No desire for class, not to mention after-class study...Everyone is simply doing the countdown to keep our low-pulse- rate hearts beating, and the only other survival pill for the moment is watching movies, browsing the Internet with no particular purpose, or just fooling around without a slight sense of guilt. In fact,we can even justify what we are doing - it is a matter of survival!! Without any doubt, the only antidote is HOLIDAYS!

A 7-day schoolweek is seriously too long! 2 more days before the golden National Holidays finally come! Definitely seeing the gleam of hope! :)

Till then, see ya!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm 22!!

After being silent for quite a while, I guess it’s time for me to update...

Last Sunday was my birthday, so Yuanyuan took me to Starbucks for a celebartion night. And I heard the Happy Birthday song in FRENCH!! It was SO good to pour out life with her and really belly laughed about a lot of stuff before she went back to Hong Kong. God really blessed me with such an awesome sister, who models for me how to take things up and put them down when HE wills, namely SURRENDER to God's will. I was glad when she informed me of God’s trick, “God always blesses us with desires, but when He sees that we put them over Him,He will certainly snatch it away till we realize His importance. You know, He is obsessed with playing this trick... But He loves us anyways!” Wow, what else can I say to God except “Thank You” for such a trick! And thank you, yuan!

Now that I am 22, I think I really should count myself as a_grown up_. But today on my way to morning tea with my father, a neighbour asked, “Which grade of high school are you in, girl?” At that moment, I honestly couldn’t stop myself from laughing, cos she is not _ the only_one who asked that!! “Senior,” I replied, “but in university!” Hahaha…guess I am just an incarnation of Peter Pan.:)

I only have five courses and Wednesdays off this semester,which means I have time to do whatever I want! Oh well, I know the clasue is an overstatement. But Woohoo! I’m devoting a lot of time to studying spanish lately though and now find myself can read some news titles on yahoo España. (¡Muchas gracias por vuestros ayuda, Kevin y Adam!) Frankly, there’re hard times that surely overwhelm me, like memorising the changes of verb forms. Well, as the saying goes, "no pain, no gain", right?!

I found out Blogger enables people to upload vedio on their blogs rigth now. Hm, I wonder if it provides access to music upload. It would be great if I can share my recent favourite music with you as you click open my blog.:) But my recent favourite piece is “No Me Ames” by Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. The title is rather sad, but the song really portrays unfailing love. I was crying the other night as I listened to it, just like reading a touching novel. Listen to it if you ever get a chance!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Una nota en español

Hoy es domingo. Hace buen tiempo. No llueve. Sale el sol.

Por la mañana, voy a Guangzhou y trabajo. Enseño una muchacha ingles. Se llama Theresa, tiene dieciseis años de edad. Ella es muy bonita y inteligente, pero poco perezosa. Despues de terminar el trabajo, voy a iglesia de Cristo. Alli encontro mis amigas: Charlotte, Poepoe y Jade. (Megan, ¿ es Jade aun una estudiante o una empleada?) Ellas son muy bien. Amamos a Jesus Cristo porque El nos ama primero. Esta tarde, bebido cafe y leo mi libro en Starbuck. ¡Que relajante! Vuelvo a mi pueblo natal ( el ciudad de Foshan) a las cinco y media. Esta noche, como en un restaurante con mis familiares, porque celebramos el nuevo trabajo de mi abuela. Ella es una medica ahora.

Estudio español en mi casa este mes, por eso escribo una nota en español. Mis buenos amigos, ¿ pueden ustedes ayudarme? ¡Muchas gracias! :)

Son las once y cincuenta de la noche. Tengo que dormir ahora. ¡Adios!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Shamian Fun

Today I went to church with my new friend Jessica from camp and our student Winson.Winson came all the way from Conghua and Jessica from Panyu.(Thanks for hanging out,friends!) They were very excited about church...Winson said he often went to a Chritian church in his hometown though he was not yet a Chirstian. Jessica showed such a great desire for Jesus's love and I gave her a Bible. I am sure she will take some good time to read it. (Say them a pray,will ya?) After church, I treated at the Thai restaurant and then we just hung out and had great fun taking photos on shamian island. Here're some to share with you:

Winson,Jessica and I

Winson(13 years old) is a future artist - he plays the piano, does traditional Chinese painting,and loves taking photos.Plus, his English is good.

Jessica is cute and sweet!

Loving the effect of Sepia...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back to Civilization

I am finally back to civilization after ten days of working at Liyang Crazy English Summer Camp.This time, camp was unxpectedly amazing - better organized,more teachers,nicer camp spot, more fun time AND best of all, the Nazi director was absent most of the time! I remember the winter camp earlier this year involed too many classes and the kids were just like overstuffed ducks...
To share some camp fun, I've posted some pictures on facebook and, check it out!:D

Well, maybe a glimpse here first!:P

So August is a month for rest at home for me. By rest, I mean not constantly running around and doing stuff. I'll be studying Spanish by myself though. But the luxury of being lazy is occupying mind for the moment so we'll see how far I can go at the end of the month...

I really want to go on a short trip before school starts, but not sure where to go now, maybe Chamelong Waterpark with the summer camp staffs, or Hong kong or just somewhere with Vicky after her internship.We'll see...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

C'est la vie

Walking out of the train station after saying goodbye to the team on Wednesday, I wiped the tears on my face and said to myself, “ C’est la vie!” Yeah…life rolls past many hellos and goodbyes before the sweet reunion party in heaven and I SO look forward to it! But it is between these countless Hellos and Goodbyes that we make friends, learn to encourage each other and in general
Experience life! I praise God for these Hellos and Goodbyes though Hellos are sweet and Goodbyes are sad. Another three words from my heart: I LOVE YAL!

I have gone through so much in the past few months that I don’t know where to start to talk about. But I am about to cry (a grateful cry) as I am organizing my memory. A song that the team sang most during worship was Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. It’s interesting how I used to lower my voice when it came to “You give and take away, you give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your name!” You know, it’s something that I knew in my head and not being able to fully comprehend. I dare not say I understand it FULLY, but at least to a further extent. People often say after a few years you become a Christian, you’ll find yourself walking in the wilderness, namely, it’s not ALL about excitement. I think I am in the wilderness now yet, I truly feel that God is holding my hand walking me through…I’m trying to be patient and looking forward to seeing what is in the end of this wilderness!

My aunts came to visit Guangzhou from Hong Kong these two days. We went to visit Mr. Mario Marazzi yesterday at the school he managed for mentally disabled children. I’ve heard so much about Mr. Marazzi before I met him – he is a 79-year-old Italian Catholic priest who has sacrificed a comfortable life to contribute to many charities in mainland China and he is also my aunts old friend. I was so impressed by his fluent Cantonese! But after I saw where he lived, I was even more impressed by how much he has sacrificed. I told him I so appreciated what he did for the Chinese, and he simply replied, “It is all from the Lord!” Wow! The children lit up with tremendous excitement when we walked into the school, we shook hands and listened to them. Although I didn’t know what the kids were trying to tell me, but one message is for sure – WE LONG FOR LOVE!

My summer plan has been changed again. Summer school was canceled and I will be working at Crazy English Camp from 21st to 31st of July. So I will reply emails and facebook after that. Wish you have a great summer!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Sunday Morning

Everybody has left for church except me staying in the apartment doing endless study… Raindrops are splashing on the porch outside and here I am procrastinating…In the past few weeks, school work and class project have kept me in a constantly crazy schedule, now combined with four finals looming the coming week and two more the week after next, I feel like I am completely a slave to school work! Sigh…

I got up at 6:30 this morning to study and in the meantime (in order to stay awake) listened to my favorite opera soundtrack – Snow Wolf Lake (it is still playing in my computer now). A song from it always encourages me so much, esp. during hard times, today is no exception. It is called HOPE. I couldn’t help but translate the lyrics as I was listening to it just now(it soaks deeper in me this way). Here it is:

Difficulty is unavoidable,
Sadness fills the process
As you look back, everything is heart-stirring
The road to the exit may not be smooth
The sky in the daytime may not be bright
(But) Tears are the buoyant force that lifts you up
After stumbles and falls can one become strong
Without uttering any complaint, you proclaim your perseverance
There is always someone to bring you hope
There is always something to warm your heart
It is this flame, it is this light
That help you forget the darkness before dawn
There is always someone for you to hold on to
Don’t let down the one who stands guidance for you
Keep the past firm and deep in your heart
Put aside all your worries
Set your eyes ahead

The rain outside has stopped but my thoughts continue…and (I have to say) SO is study…

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Team Fun

As promised, I post some team pictures this time.:)

1)After worship last night, the guys decided to see who is stronger. Here-Kody VS Hassen. Kody won!

2)Go,Brittany! If you lose, no more peanut-butter sandwiches for you!" John was threatening. Oh,well...Brittany and Ervin were forced to involve in the game eventually. Guess peanut-butter sandwich was a magical inspiration, Brittany managed to win though it took so long! (from the pic, guess you can almost hear the loud noise in the room...)

3) Girl pic at the girl's apartment.(conter-clockwise from the first line: Anna, Me,Magan, Brittany,Megan,Amber,Erica,Stephanie,Elyse)"

I'd like to update about how my last week has been. I went to school in the morning and stayed with the girls at their apartments at nights. So COOL to just chill out together and have belly laughs! There're also many things of the team's aprartments that need settleing...Fortunately, things went well generally and we're expecting ADSL to get set up this week. But unfortunately,I "la-du-zi" (had diarrhea) so badly and had an upset stomach on Wednesday becasue of bad food and hot weather, so I was kinda dying that day. A 4-hour IV on Thursday saved me but surely NOT FUN! On Friday afternoon, I went to the fabric market to look for silk for Heather's wedding and then went shopping with Magan and Megan for my next day's interview. I had lunch with my teacher Melanie and my boss from Zachry on Saturday - I think my main job is to interprete for my boss and his Canadian partners on business talk this summer. A little nevous,but I think it should be fun!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Team Is Here!

Yay! The Refuge team is BACK! This time, we have 13 people of which are 7 girls!! Think of that,what a treat to Samski! :-)
I met them up at the train station on Friday and when John and Critter came out,they hug and shake me like crazy, glad that my head wasn't shaken off! Then, guess who came out? AMBER MOSS! Oh,dear! What a surprise!:)

Then we just rented two vans and headed to our complex. Thanks to Tommy and Alex who went to Raymond's house to get the team's stuffs from last year, it saved A LOT of time! So, john just checked the apartments and I helped him sign contracts and deal with some other stuffs with the agent and landlord! I am so happy that the team love the apartments! Elyse and I are sharing a matress in a suite room with Megan and Magan (M&M,huh?), so that is sweet! Adam is also back, and there are other new poeple too who are rockingly awesome! I pray that God will bless me to be a blessing to them again this summer! I love them!

On the other hand, I think I am changing my summer plan now. I was thinking about working Liyang Crazy English camp and then learning Spanish. But my economic teacher just gave me a shock last Wednesday. She asked me to work on a project of her friend's American Constuction company named Zachry! Wow- what a challenge and i think I will learn so much from that! But i kinda question myself," Can I really do it?" Well, I will try my best!

I am actually using Amber's computer at Starbuck and the batery is running low, so post later (with pics maybe)! Adios!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


So here they are,Winnie and her twin sister Joanna! Don't they really look so alike?
-Just kidding! They are not twins and it was the first time they met! When I first met Winnie last year," I almost cried out,Joanna,why are you here?' "haha...

Last night, Neo,Winnie, Joanna and I had buffet at an Italian restaurant. The food was great, but somehow not as good as my first time there. But hey, the point is the about the people I was with!! Neo and Winnie managed to forget to come into Guangzhou till I mesaged them when I arrived at the restaurant. I told them ok and that we might hang out some other time. Then Joanna and I just headed straight up to the restaurant. But later, Neo called and said they were on their way! Wow - it took them less than an hour from Peizheng to Guangzhou! I felt so grateful and blessed that I have friends like them who cherish me so much! We ended dinner very late but it was GREAT time! :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Lesson of Trust

Such a whirlwind has swept through my week that everything happened is becoming blurry in my head. But I am so impressed by a lesson of trust from the Lord…

Last Saturday, I went to my cousin Candy’s graduation ceremony
and it was so awesome! It kinda made me look forward to my day
next year. Candy got a degree in medicine and has found a job in a Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital in Foshan. Congratulations again, Candy! It was interesting to look back at our sweet childhood together, which just seemed to happen yesterday. Yeah…time flies!

After Candy’s graduation, I continue to go hunting for apartments for the team. I was so exhilarated when I found two great apts in the complex that the team lived in two years ago.(They LOVE that complex!!) Then I took pictures of them and post the pics on facebook to let everyone see them. I thought the team would really like these two apts, so I told the landlords I might pay deposit the next day. But the things is, I needed John’s permission. So I ran back and tried every means to get hold of him, and I finally did. He liked the apts but wanted to see if there would be another apt with two bathrooms available. So there I went hunting again on Sunday afternoon…nothing much satisfactory was found though.
Then on Monday, John and I both thought we should just grab those two apts, so I called the agent and it was then a lesson of trust began! The agent said he would contact the landlord immediately. But a few minutes later, he called back saying, “Sorry, the 4000rmb apt has found a lessee.” (What?! A punch in the stomach…but not crashed!) I tried to calm myself, “Ok, just grab the 4600 one for me and look for another apt, please!” Then I went to the agent at noon and amazingly managed to find another apt on the top floor with a huge balcony overlooking a great view!(Praise God!) Without hesitation, I gave deposit to the agent and thought that curtains were finally drawn closed for the hunting drama. Well, drama is supposed to be dramatic, right? In the evening, the agent called again saying that the 4600rmb landlord changed his mind and didn’t want to rent his apt before he went to get our deposit, so we_LOST_ AGAIN! To be honest, I was really worried because we had so little time left and I kinda felt like I had been slaughtered twice in a single day! John’s IM went like, “God was simply preparing a good apt for us.” True! Knowing that it was a lesson of trust calmed the storm inside me. Just then, my phone rang and it was the agent again, “The potential lessee of the 4000 apt didn’t sign contract with the landlord and we have hope!” “Let’s get his apt!” I said. The agent was very helpful and was even willing to deliver my deposit to the landlord, but the landlord was drunk at a bar, so he couldn’t get the money till the next day. Wow- I couldn’t imagine what might happen in the next 24 hours! I just kept reminding myself it was a lesson of TRUST. The next day, although the landlord delayed everything a little, he eventually got our deposit in his hand and so did the other landlord! Wheh! Problem solved! God is good all the time, all the time God is good! :)

My roommates and I must take care of this week’s Tom’s project
assignment – to create an advertisement copy. I was in charge of poem writing and photo taking. And I’m proud of myself in taking this romantic photo for our copy. (kinda professional,huh?! :-) ) We also took some other funny pics.

I really look forward to this weekend, maybe swimming Saturday morning and then Italian dinner with Neo, Winnie and Joanna on Saturday evening. Can’t wait!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Must Win the Cough War

After I got a cold last month, a cough followed and has been haunting me back and forth. In the last two nights, it decided to take its full attack with the help of sleepy effect caused by medicine ...The result? Me–surrendered-lying in bed flat like a deflated ball. It’s actually interesting because I felt completely all right during the day and when it came to night, the Cough Ghost started to roar…Urggg! Hate it!!! But I woke up this morning feeling much better and energetic. Not sure if it’s a good sign or just another cycle there…Anyways, I’m seeing a doctor this afternoon. Need a life saver, need your prayer! Ha ha…: ) So, I MUST WIN this Cough War!

I had some fun time playing badminton after dinner with my classmates yesterday – a good way to shake off some tiredness! (Gotta do it more , girls!)

Since the beginning of this semester, Miss Melanie in our Business Correspondence Class has gotten us involved in Tom’s Project – six students make up a group and establish a company to do whatever business we want. Of course, this is not a real action in the real market, but she makes it REAL enough for us to know how to basically run a company. The girls in my dorm form a company called Elite Garment Co. Ltd and I am the CEO. We targeted to design, manufacture and sell garments to college girls in Guangzhou. At first, we thought it was just a fun game, but Melanie is rather serious about this and manages to make every assignment as unpredictable as the real market is. We’ve gone through tasks like job orientation, making budget, market survey etc… and this week’s assignment is the most challenging – to shoot an advertisement video! Wow! Gonna be fun? I think so! Do you have any good ideas? If so, please let me know!

This weekend is going to be a big one, for me, searching for apartments; for some of my friends, BEC test. So to all of us, Gan Ba De and Good luck!

Friday, May 11, 2007

中国话 – Chinese Language

扁担宽板凳长 Bian dan huan, ban deng chang, (tone:3,4,1,3,4,2)
( A shoulder pole is wide ; a bench is long )
扁担想绑在板凳上Bian dan xiang bang zai ban deng shang, (tone:3,4,3,3,4,3,4,4)
(The shoulder pole wants to be tied to the bench)


Ha ha…it’s a tongue twister from a song called中国话(Chinese Language) by S.H.E. I was introduced to this song in my interpretation class today. This song_WOW_totally cracked me up and made me feel so proud of being a Chinese and speaking Chinese! It uses many FUNNY tongue twisters (like the one above and below) in Rap music form and sends out a message – 全世界都在学中国话- People in the whole world are learning Chinese. Chinese is SO popular now!!!

Here’s the link for free download of the song:

There’re more funny tongue twisters in the lyrics, check it out! Lyric link:中国话&ct=150994944&lm=-1&lf=3

P.S. If you have no problem with the above tongue twister, challenge yourself with the following one and not worry about the tone! (Even if you are a Chienese.) Enjoy! : )

板凳不让扁担绑在板凳上 Ban deng bu rang bian dan bang zai ban deng shang,
(The bench doesn’t let the shoulder pole be tie to the bench )

扁担偏要绑在板凳上 Bian dan pian yao bang zai ban deng shang
(The shoulder pole insists on being tied to the bench)

板凳偏偏不让扁担绑在那板凳上 Ban deng pian pian bu rang bian dan bang zai na ban deng shang
(The bench insists on not letting the shoulder pole be tied to the bench)

到底扁担宽还是板凳长 Dao di bian dan huan hai shi ban deng chang
(On earth, which is greater, the width of the shoulder pole or the length of the bench?)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Good Rest

I promised myself that I would go to bed before 12 tonight and it is now 12:10am(ha ha...yeah, I 'm a typical night owl!) this is gonna be a quick post.

The May Day Holidays was a really a good rest time for me. As I said in my last post, I decided to be lazy and I really DID! Sitting by the big window at home, either reading, thinking or just doing nothing (with music of course) is my definition of "Delicious". In the meantime, I managed to finish my intern report. Oh,wow! I re-read one of my favourite books- The Little Prince. That is a beautiful yet a little nostalgic story with profound messages. Love it!

I bought two great documentary DVDs today. They are two consecutive series about 14 HK TVB actors or actresses travelling to 14 different places in the world. Not only does each episode introduces the history, culture and places of interests of a certain place, but the hosts in each episode (one of the 14 stars) also talk about their feelings and life in a deep level. The episode which I really look forward to is the one in which Ada Cai travels to Israel and talks about how God has saved her from her melancholy childhood and how much she cherishes life now - a GREAT testimony. I've started the first episode about Cambodia...Two words - " heart stirring ".

I'll be back to the swing of classes and homework tomorrow, so time for bed. Night!:)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Canton Fair Experience

For the last three weeks, I’d been working as an interpreter for two companies at the Canton Trade Fair. It was my first intern job officially and I think I’ve gained more experience than I could write in my 2000-word intern report assignment. Every day, I had to work for around 9 hours (not to mention the time for transportation), so I was almost exhausted by the time I got back to my dorm each day. The first period was totally awesome but the second period was a struggle for me because I’ve got a cold and there was NO lunch time. But as I reflected on the whole thing now, everything was so worthwhile!

Here’s a collection of discovery, or rather, just my thoughts from this job experience that I think I’d share:

1. There are really WEIRD people in the world and be CAREFUL who we trust.
The first afternoon when I looked for job outside the fair hall, a middle aged lady from Taiwan claimed that she wanted to hire people. But she didn’t mention what kind of jobs she offered, and since she came to the Interpreter Area, we all assumed that she was looking for interpreters. She was kinda serious at first and required all applicants to speak English and Japanese. A bunch of students started to crowd around her and stuffed her with name cards. I was completely lack of experience, so I followed the flow. Then she selected 16 boys and girls (astonishingly, I was one of them and those selected were mostly from my school). Then she asked us to take her to the nearest KTV bar so that she could hear our voices for the first round of interview and then decide who would go for the second round. During the next four hours, she spent 600rmb on the KTV room and let us sing and eat while telling us some weird stuffs like how girls should keep healthy (she smoked by the way) and how to be successful…we tried to figure out her real intension but she kept keeping us in the dark. Finally, we excused ourselves and left, but she seemed quite ok with that. On our way back, we all shivered for meeting such strange person like that and swear that we would never work for her…maybe she had evil intention that didn’t get to show or maybe she was just lonely and had money to burn and so she just found some silly people to entertain her…I don’t know…

All that I know now is that there ARE_WEIRD_ people in the world and we need to be careful who we trust!

P.S. This news was reported on the next day's newspaper and TV news with the title," Want to be interpreter? Sing KTV first!"

2. Don’t give up till the last minute.
Working at the Trade Fair is a big deal for foreign language majors in Cuangdong. For most students (me included), the only way to get a job in the fair is to dress up neatly and wait outside the gate of the fair hall, holding a sign on which it said “Interpreter, passed TEM4” (or whatever we wanted to boast about ourselves) and asking people if they wanted to hire interpreter. For the lucky ones, they didn’t need to wait for more than 5 minutes before being snatched out, but for some, it might be for days and still stood like a salt pillar.

It was widely recognized that there weren’t many job openings in the first period, for those big companies usually had their own interpreters, but I gave a try anyway…As expected, I stood for almost three days- no employment! By 4pm on the last day, many students had left in disappointment; I thought it wouldn’t hurt more to wait till 6pm, so I persisted. Just then, a lady came by, watching us one by one…I went up to her and asked, “Could you please give me a try?”(I didn’t expect anything really, but just a talk with people to kill my boredom and frustration.) Surprisingly, she said OK and took me aside for a brief interview, and then I GOT IT!

The lady was called Fanny, the development manager of Puyi Tungsten Carbide Plant Company. She taught treated me really kindly and taught me a lot of things at work. I was very grateful!

This experience reminded me of Mathew20:1-8 in the Bible, where a similar story was told. Indeed, being patient is hard but don’t give up till the last minute!

3. Put my feet firmly on the ground.
One evening, I accompanied my boss to have dinner with two Canadian customers and their Chinese associate. I didn’t remember the name of that Chinese associate, but she seemed to be sophisticated in foreign trade and occupied a high position in her company in Tianjin. Her words to me sounded encouraging at first, but then they went into exaggeration. Frankly, I was kinda stupid and found myself floating with pride at some point…but later my boss told me that we had to carefully weigh her words (not that she meant any harm, but in business if we are off guard, it could be dangerous). Glad that I realized my mistake and thank you, boss!

Always remember - put my feet firmly on the ground!

4. Be willing to endure and work positively.
The fair kept most people in the halls pretty busy every day and there could be no lunch break till 2pm or 3 pm, or sometimes no lunch break at all. So complaints or a negative attitude would just make the days tougher. But if we are willing to endure and work on positively, tough time passed quickly and more satisfaction could be gained. I’m not advocating workaholicsm, but willingness, endurance and a positive attitude have helped me a lot!

5. There is a great demand for people who can interpret between Chinese/English and Spanish/ Russian/ Arabic.
Since English is so widely spoken, the demand for English interpreter is on the decline. So it’s the same with interpreters in Japanese, followed by French and German (most French and German people can speak English). There is almost no difference in the paid of English interpreter and Japanese interpreter. However, a person who speak Chinese/English and either of the following: Spanish/ Russian/ Arabic can get paid at least 3 times higher or even 6 times higher. So consider carefully before you choose your second or third foreign language to study.

6. Make good use of the little time for language study.
I think the study of any foreign language is great fun, especially English, Japanese and Spanish that I really like. But honestly, I was as busy as a bee sometimes and sparing a few hours for language study could be absolutely overwhelming. Therefore, it’s useful to make the most of the little time, even just 20 minutes on the bus. For example, I tried to remember a few Spanish words and sentences on my way to the fair every morning, and I found I could communicate (even though barely) with customers who only spoke Spanish. I think I should continue applying this method…

Haha…I know this is the longest post ever, but I think I still need to share. Thank you for reading it if you did! :)

Today is May1, and it was our one- week-long national holidays in China. I am grateful that I finished my job yesterday and could go home later this afternoon for rest and relax. There is study and intern report to catch up with though. But I officially proclaim that the word “laziness” has lost its derogative meaning in my dictionary! Well, at least for now... :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun Day

Today is a day of REAL Sabbath to me - No worry about work and study! At church, I was blessed by singing some awesome worship songs and hearing an encouraging testimony about how God guided a sister step by step in her career. After church, Xiaoming, Tommy, Ervin, Anna and I had lunch together, where sharing, sighs and laughter filled us with joy. In the afternoon, Anna and I helped out at the church library while the guys helped setting up a new bookshelves donated by a sister.

Anna and I ended up hanging out in Up-down-9 shopping area in the evening. We got to taste some REALLY rocking cakes and Shunde specialty - Little boat porridge and zhuchangfen( white noodle rolls). Here are the pics of the specialty place.:)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Photo Update 3 (Starbucks)

There is a large Starbucks newly open on Shamian, just 3 minutes' walk from church...yeah, you guys heard me right! Starbucks on shamian island!! Excited?! :)

Photo Update 2 ( Tutoring & Sushi Making)

1) Chikijiang- a cute Japanese girl, 6 years old. Her life goal is to marry a kidnapper. Yeah,she is fun!

2) Chikijiang's mum is showing me how to make sushi.

3) Final products! I made the one on the very left with nothing on top...not too bad,right?:-P

4) Presenting Sushi - Japanese set chopsticks in a different way we Chinese do. They put their chopsticks horizontally in fron of the food while we Chinese put our chopsticks vertically to the right side of the food. According to the Japanese tradition, if you want to show politeness before you eat, you should take up the chopsticks , hold them between the thumbs and index fingers of both of your hands, then bow your head a little bit and say " ic da da ki ma su".

Photo Update 1 (Crazy English Camp)

So finally, here comes the first and BIG photo post. Enjoy!

Since I'm still not quite familiar with the Blogger dashboard, I can't make the photos and captions go tohether the way I want it to be. So bear with me this time. I just list the captions here in order...

1) Girls from my B3 class at camp. Kuki (the one with glasses sitting in the middle in the front row) got the 2nd prize in the final speech contest!

2)Boys from my B3 class at camp. They are at breakfast.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

At the turn

At the turn from the winter break to the starting of school tomorrow, I am here to linger...just like a girl sitting on a river bank and dangling her feet in the lake, totally reluctant to leave the tranquility.Oh,well, I guess I will be ready tomorrow...

The winter break was wonderful for me. I managed to take two jobs- the first one as a T.A. for the Liyang Crazy English Camp (the one that Evan and Jason went to last summer.), and the second one as a private tutor for a cute,witty but also naughty Japanese girl. To be honest, the camp job was rather tiring but rewarding, because we were asked to do more teaching work than we were supposed to,WITHOUT increased paid,but the moment when I saw the students finally break their psychological barrier and speak out loud IN English, I felt my eyes wet. As for tutoring, I think I sometimes felt like inside me I was like a chimpanzee that jumped around the jungle,screaming fanatically and completely lost control of itself... I didn't know where I got the patience to sit still at that time. Yeah, you know what I mean if you've met preschool kids who hate maths and fancy nothing but games.(Frankly, I'm sniggering cos I had been one myself!) So I had to drain my brain to think about games through which she could learn. The sparkling moments came when she was interested and concentrated and that moment,she was unbelievably CUTE! Meanwhile, I could practice my Japanese and experienced some cool Japanese culture like making sushi.:-)

After the two jobs, I spent a few days relaxing, just chilling in the quietness at home and then came back to school in Guangzhou.

I'm still waiting for my friends to send me photos of the English camp.When I get them, I will post them together with the pictures of sushi making. Till then ,seeya and good night!:-D

P.S. Today is the Lantan Festival which also known as the Chinese Valantines' Day. It came on the fifteenth day after the Lunar New Year. So happy Chinese Valantines' Day to yall!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yay for blog again!

So finally, I have my own blog again! I am SO excited and can't wait to run it cool!:)