Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun Day

Today is a day of REAL Sabbath to me - No worry about work and study! At church, I was blessed by singing some awesome worship songs and hearing an encouraging testimony about how God guided a sister step by step in her career. After church, Xiaoming, Tommy, Ervin, Anna and I had lunch together, where sharing, sighs and laughter filled us with joy. In the afternoon, Anna and I helped out at the church library while the guys helped setting up a new bookshelves donated by a sister.

Anna and I ended up hanging out in Up-down-9 shopping area in the evening. We got to taste some REALLY rocking cakes and Shunde specialty - Little boat porridge and zhuchangfen( white noodle rolls). Here are the pics of the specialty place.:)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Photo Update 3 (Starbucks)

There is a large Starbucks newly open on Shamian, just 3 minutes' walk from church...yeah, you guys heard me right! Starbucks on shamian island!! Excited?! :)

Photo Update 2 ( Tutoring & Sushi Making)

1) Chikijiang- a cute Japanese girl, 6 years old. Her life goal is to marry a kidnapper. Yeah,she is fun!

2) Chikijiang's mum is showing me how to make sushi.

3) Final products! I made the one on the very left with nothing on top...not too bad,right?:-P

4) Presenting Sushi - Japanese set chopsticks in a different way we Chinese do. They put their chopsticks horizontally in fron of the food while we Chinese put our chopsticks vertically to the right side of the food. According to the Japanese tradition, if you want to show politeness before you eat, you should take up the chopsticks , hold them between the thumbs and index fingers of both of your hands, then bow your head a little bit and say " ic da da ki ma su".

Photo Update 1 (Crazy English Camp)

So finally, here comes the first and BIG photo post. Enjoy!

Since I'm still not quite familiar with the Blogger dashboard, I can't make the photos and captions go tohether the way I want it to be. So bear with me this time. I just list the captions here in order...

1) Girls from my B3 class at camp. Kuki (the one with glasses sitting in the middle in the front row) got the 2nd prize in the final speech contest!

2)Boys from my B3 class at camp. They are at breakfast.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

At the turn

At the turn from the winter break to the starting of school tomorrow, I am here to linger...just like a girl sitting on a river bank and dangling her feet in the lake, totally reluctant to leave the tranquility.Oh,well, I guess I will be ready tomorrow...

The winter break was wonderful for me. I managed to take two jobs- the first one as a T.A. for the Liyang Crazy English Camp (the one that Evan and Jason went to last summer.), and the second one as a private tutor for a cute,witty but also naughty Japanese girl. To be honest, the camp job was rather tiring but rewarding, because we were asked to do more teaching work than we were supposed to,WITHOUT increased paid,but the moment when I saw the students finally break their psychological barrier and speak out loud IN English, I felt my eyes wet. As for tutoring, I think I sometimes felt like inside me I was like a chimpanzee that jumped around the jungle,screaming fanatically and completely lost control of itself... I didn't know where I got the patience to sit still at that time. Yeah, you know what I mean if you've met preschool kids who hate maths and fancy nothing but games.(Frankly, I'm sniggering cos I had been one myself!) So I had to drain my brain to think about games through which she could learn. The sparkling moments came when she was interested and concentrated and that moment,she was unbelievably CUTE! Meanwhile, I could practice my Japanese and experienced some cool Japanese culture like making sushi.:-)

After the two jobs, I spent a few days relaxing, just chilling in the quietness at home and then came back to school in Guangzhou.

I'm still waiting for my friends to send me photos of the English camp.When I get them, I will post them together with the pictures of sushi making. Till then ,seeya and good night!:-D

P.S. Today is the Lantan Festival which also known as the Chinese Valantines' Day. It came on the fifteenth day after the Lunar New Year. So happy Chinese Valantines' Day to yall!