Friday, September 28, 2007

Pre-holiday Syndrome

Pre-hoilday Syndrome usually haunts students pretty bad and we are now seeing it taking its toll! No desire for class, not to mention after-class study...Everyone is simply doing the countdown to keep our low-pulse- rate hearts beating, and the only other survival pill for the moment is watching movies, browsing the Internet with no particular purpose, or just fooling around without a slight sense of guilt. In fact,we can even justify what we are doing - it is a matter of survival!! Without any doubt, the only antidote is HOLIDAYS!

A 7-day schoolweek is seriously too long! 2 more days before the golden National Holidays finally come! Definitely seeing the gleam of hope! :)

Till then, see ya!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm 22!!

After being silent for quite a while, I guess it’s time for me to update...

Last Sunday was my birthday, so Yuanyuan took me to Starbucks for a celebartion night. And I heard the Happy Birthday song in FRENCH!! It was SO good to pour out life with her and really belly laughed about a lot of stuff before she went back to Hong Kong. God really blessed me with such an awesome sister, who models for me how to take things up and put them down when HE wills, namely SURRENDER to God's will. I was glad when she informed me of God’s trick, “God always blesses us with desires, but when He sees that we put them over Him,He will certainly snatch it away till we realize His importance. You know, He is obsessed with playing this trick... But He loves us anyways!” Wow, what else can I say to God except “Thank You” for such a trick! And thank you, yuan!

Now that I am 22, I think I really should count myself as a_grown up_. But today on my way to morning tea with my father, a neighbour asked, “Which grade of high school are you in, girl?” At that moment, I honestly couldn’t stop myself from laughing, cos she is not _ the only_one who asked that!! “Senior,” I replied, “but in university!” Hahaha…guess I am just an incarnation of Peter Pan.:)

I only have five courses and Wednesdays off this semester,which means I have time to do whatever I want! Oh well, I know the clasue is an overstatement. But Woohoo! I’m devoting a lot of time to studying spanish lately though and now find myself can read some news titles on yahoo España. (¡Muchas gracias por vuestros ayuda, Kevin y Adam!) Frankly, there’re hard times that surely overwhelm me, like memorising the changes of verb forms. Well, as the saying goes, "no pain, no gain", right?!

I found out Blogger enables people to upload vedio on their blogs rigth now. Hm, I wonder if it provides access to music upload. It would be great if I can share my recent favourite music with you as you click open my blog.:) But my recent favourite piece is “No Me Ames” by Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. The title is rather sad, but the song really portrays unfailing love. I was crying the other night as I listened to it, just like reading a touching novel. Listen to it if you ever get a chance!