Monday, October 20, 2008

Amazing Passion Hong Kong!

It’s 11:40pm Monday night of Oct. 20, 2008 now. Chris’ “Hello Love” CD is playing on my computer. I am sitting in bed and typing, trying to put together all my thoughts and feelings from and after Passion Hong Kong…For a long while, I couldn’t type a word because I think I can hardly express what has been stirring my heart. Every minute of worship to God at Passion HK was so rich and heart-touching that I will never forget in my life! The shout for Jesus, eyes closed from which grateful tears streaming out, smiling faces of different skin colors, thousands of hands lifted up, beautiful/rocking music filled the boiling stadium – that is the glimpse/taste of heaven, I truly believe it is. There in heaven We (whichever nations we come from) worship the Lord every day as freely, as loud and as joyfully as this glimpse showed. And it is for that, we want to live for Jesus and make His name famous in the city of HK, in China and all over the world!!! Praise Him for His love and mercy!

I am glad I could get my days off work to go to Passion HK with 12 of my friends. When we try to be drawn near to God, Satan is always at work. We had difficulties looking for inexpensive accommodations, making travel plans to suit everyone’s schedule and budget and many other uncertainties were going on. One of my friends almost couldn’t make it. But the Bible says, “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord,” and YES – nothing can stop Him from doing what He wants to do. The last day before we set out to HK, everything just came to place and we boarded the bus to HK. What’s more amazing, we met 5 mainland students who were studying in HKU and their HK leader on our bus. It turns out that leader was a girl who partnered with my friend Mel at a Sichuan ministry 2 years ago! (See!! God connects His children wherever we go! ) Later, we invited them to Passion HK. They went, with hearts wondering how good Jesus was. After the event, several of them said now they believed in Jesus! How COOL!!! 2 more of my friends from Guangzhou joined us in the exciting queue outside of QE Stadium 30 mins before doors to the event were open. They were successful college entrepreneurs and have been seeking Jesus for a few years. I only managed to talk to them briefly on phone after the event, but I can’t wait to hear more from them. In a word, we are grateful to the Lord!

Louie shared Ashley’s story with a message that we need to understand God’s grace and live for the most important thing of life – not to live for success, not for accomplishment, not for wealth (as many people in HK and China do) etc, but to live for Jesus and His fame! That is the only thing that counts in life and that is why Ashley’s life meant so much!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Passion Hong Kong is just AMAZING!!! I want to thank everyone for your prayers and love for me! Your prayers, encouragement and kind words have been “energy pumps” for me and my friends in China. Now let’s pray for Passion Sydney. Can’t wait to hear about Passion Sydney tomorrow!

I am gonna close this post with some lyrics of the song “I will Rise” from “Hello Love” album.
Jesus has overcome
And the grave is overwhelmed
The victory is won
He is risen from the death