Sunday, August 26, 2007

Una nota en español

Hoy es domingo. Hace buen tiempo. No llueve. Sale el sol.

Por la mañana, voy a Guangzhou y trabajo. Enseño una muchacha ingles. Se llama Theresa, tiene dieciseis años de edad. Ella es muy bonita y inteligente, pero poco perezosa. Despues de terminar el trabajo, voy a iglesia de Cristo. Alli encontro mis amigas: Charlotte, Poepoe y Jade. (Megan, ¿ es Jade aun una estudiante o una empleada?) Ellas son muy bien. Amamos a Jesus Cristo porque El nos ama primero. Esta tarde, bebido cafe y leo mi libro en Starbuck. ¡Que relajante! Vuelvo a mi pueblo natal ( el ciudad de Foshan) a las cinco y media. Esta noche, como en un restaurante con mis familiares, porque celebramos el nuevo trabajo de mi abuela. Ella es una medica ahora.

Estudio español en mi casa este mes, por eso escribo una nota en español. Mis buenos amigos, ¿ pueden ustedes ayudarme? ¡Muchas gracias! :)

Son las once y cincuenta de la noche. Tengo que dormir ahora. ¡Adios!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Shamian Fun

Today I went to church with my new friend Jessica from camp and our student Winson.Winson came all the way from Conghua and Jessica from Panyu.(Thanks for hanging out,friends!) They were very excited about church...Winson said he often went to a Chritian church in his hometown though he was not yet a Chirstian. Jessica showed such a great desire for Jesus's love and I gave her a Bible. I am sure she will take some good time to read it. (Say them a pray,will ya?) After church, I treated at the Thai restaurant and then we just hung out and had great fun taking photos on shamian island. Here're some to share with you:

Winson,Jessica and I

Winson(13 years old) is a future artist - he plays the piano, does traditional Chinese painting,and loves taking photos.Plus, his English is good.

Jessica is cute and sweet!

Loving the effect of Sepia...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back to Civilization

I am finally back to civilization after ten days of working at Liyang Crazy English Summer Camp.This time, camp was unxpectedly amazing - better organized,more teachers,nicer camp spot, more fun time AND best of all, the Nazi director was absent most of the time! I remember the winter camp earlier this year involed too many classes and the kids were just like overstuffed ducks...
To share some camp fun, I've posted some pictures on facebook and, check it out!:D

Well, maybe a glimpse here first!:P

So August is a month for rest at home for me. By rest, I mean not constantly running around and doing stuff. I'll be studying Spanish by myself though. But the luxury of being lazy is occupying mind for the moment so we'll see how far I can go at the end of the month...

I really want to go on a short trip before school starts, but not sure where to go now, maybe Chamelong Waterpark with the summer camp staffs, or Hong kong or just somewhere with Vicky after her internship.We'll see...