Saturday, May 26, 2007


So here they are,Winnie and her twin sister Joanna! Don't they really look so alike?
-Just kidding! They are not twins and it was the first time they met! When I first met Winnie last year," I almost cried out,Joanna,why are you here?' "haha...

Last night, Neo,Winnie, Joanna and I had buffet at an Italian restaurant. The food was great, but somehow not as good as my first time there. But hey, the point is the about the people I was with!! Neo and Winnie managed to forget to come into Guangzhou till I mesaged them when I arrived at the restaurant. I told them ok and that we might hang out some other time. Then Joanna and I just headed straight up to the restaurant. But later, Neo called and said they were on their way! Wow - it took them less than an hour from Peizheng to Guangzhou! I felt so grateful and blessed that I have friends like them who cherish me so much! We ended dinner very late but it was GREAT time! :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Lesson of Trust

Such a whirlwind has swept through my week that everything happened is becoming blurry in my head. But I am so impressed by a lesson of trust from the Lord…

Last Saturday, I went to my cousin Candy’s graduation ceremony
and it was so awesome! It kinda made me look forward to my day
next year. Candy got a degree in medicine and has found a job in a Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital in Foshan. Congratulations again, Candy! It was interesting to look back at our sweet childhood together, which just seemed to happen yesterday. Yeah…time flies!

After Candy’s graduation, I continue to go hunting for apartments for the team. I was so exhilarated when I found two great apts in the complex that the team lived in two years ago.(They LOVE that complex!!) Then I took pictures of them and post the pics on facebook to let everyone see them. I thought the team would really like these two apts, so I told the landlords I might pay deposit the next day. But the things is, I needed John’s permission. So I ran back and tried every means to get hold of him, and I finally did. He liked the apts but wanted to see if there would be another apt with two bathrooms available. So there I went hunting again on Sunday afternoon…nothing much satisfactory was found though.
Then on Monday, John and I both thought we should just grab those two apts, so I called the agent and it was then a lesson of trust began! The agent said he would contact the landlord immediately. But a few minutes later, he called back saying, “Sorry, the 4000rmb apt has found a lessee.” (What?! A punch in the stomach…but not crashed!) I tried to calm myself, “Ok, just grab the 4600 one for me and look for another apt, please!” Then I went to the agent at noon and amazingly managed to find another apt on the top floor with a huge balcony overlooking a great view!(Praise God!) Without hesitation, I gave deposit to the agent and thought that curtains were finally drawn closed for the hunting drama. Well, drama is supposed to be dramatic, right? In the evening, the agent called again saying that the 4600rmb landlord changed his mind and didn’t want to rent his apt before he went to get our deposit, so we_LOST_ AGAIN! To be honest, I was really worried because we had so little time left and I kinda felt like I had been slaughtered twice in a single day! John’s IM went like, “God was simply preparing a good apt for us.” True! Knowing that it was a lesson of trust calmed the storm inside me. Just then, my phone rang and it was the agent again, “The potential lessee of the 4000 apt didn’t sign contract with the landlord and we have hope!” “Let’s get his apt!” I said. The agent was very helpful and was even willing to deliver my deposit to the landlord, but the landlord was drunk at a bar, so he couldn’t get the money till the next day. Wow- I couldn’t imagine what might happen in the next 24 hours! I just kept reminding myself it was a lesson of TRUST. The next day, although the landlord delayed everything a little, he eventually got our deposit in his hand and so did the other landlord! Wheh! Problem solved! God is good all the time, all the time God is good! :)

My roommates and I must take care of this week’s Tom’s project
assignment – to create an advertisement copy. I was in charge of poem writing and photo taking. And I’m proud of myself in taking this romantic photo for our copy. (kinda professional,huh?! :-) ) We also took some other funny pics.

I really look forward to this weekend, maybe swimming Saturday morning and then Italian dinner with Neo, Winnie and Joanna on Saturday evening. Can’t wait!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Must Win the Cough War

After I got a cold last month, a cough followed and has been haunting me back and forth. In the last two nights, it decided to take its full attack with the help of sleepy effect caused by medicine ...The result? Me–surrendered-lying in bed flat like a deflated ball. It’s actually interesting because I felt completely all right during the day and when it came to night, the Cough Ghost started to roar…Urggg! Hate it!!! But I woke up this morning feeling much better and energetic. Not sure if it’s a good sign or just another cycle there…Anyways, I’m seeing a doctor this afternoon. Need a life saver, need your prayer! Ha ha…: ) So, I MUST WIN this Cough War!

I had some fun time playing badminton after dinner with my classmates yesterday – a good way to shake off some tiredness! (Gotta do it more , girls!)

Since the beginning of this semester, Miss Melanie in our Business Correspondence Class has gotten us involved in Tom’s Project – six students make up a group and establish a company to do whatever business we want. Of course, this is not a real action in the real market, but she makes it REAL enough for us to know how to basically run a company. The girls in my dorm form a company called Elite Garment Co. Ltd and I am the CEO. We targeted to design, manufacture and sell garments to college girls in Guangzhou. At first, we thought it was just a fun game, but Melanie is rather serious about this and manages to make every assignment as unpredictable as the real market is. We’ve gone through tasks like job orientation, making budget, market survey etc… and this week’s assignment is the most challenging – to shoot an advertisement video! Wow! Gonna be fun? I think so! Do you have any good ideas? If so, please let me know!

This weekend is going to be a big one, for me, searching for apartments; for some of my friends, BEC test. So to all of us, Gan Ba De and Good luck!

Friday, May 11, 2007

中国话 – Chinese Language

扁担宽板凳长 Bian dan huan, ban deng chang, (tone:3,4,1,3,4,2)
( A shoulder pole is wide ; a bench is long )
扁担想绑在板凳上Bian dan xiang bang zai ban deng shang, (tone:3,4,3,3,4,3,4,4)
(The shoulder pole wants to be tied to the bench)


Ha ha…it’s a tongue twister from a song called中国话(Chinese Language) by S.H.E. I was introduced to this song in my interpretation class today. This song_WOW_totally cracked me up and made me feel so proud of being a Chinese and speaking Chinese! It uses many FUNNY tongue twisters (like the one above and below) in Rap music form and sends out a message – 全世界都在学中国话- People in the whole world are learning Chinese. Chinese is SO popular now!!!

Here’s the link for free download of the song:

There’re more funny tongue twisters in the lyrics, check it out! Lyric link:中国话&ct=150994944&lm=-1&lf=3

P.S. If you have no problem with the above tongue twister, challenge yourself with the following one and not worry about the tone! (Even if you are a Chienese.) Enjoy! : )

板凳不让扁担绑在板凳上 Ban deng bu rang bian dan bang zai ban deng shang,
(The bench doesn’t let the shoulder pole be tie to the bench )

扁担偏要绑在板凳上 Bian dan pian yao bang zai ban deng shang
(The shoulder pole insists on being tied to the bench)

板凳偏偏不让扁担绑在那板凳上 Ban deng pian pian bu rang bian dan bang zai na ban deng shang
(The bench insists on not letting the shoulder pole be tied to the bench)

到底扁担宽还是板凳长 Dao di bian dan huan hai shi ban deng chang
(On earth, which is greater, the width of the shoulder pole or the length of the bench?)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Good Rest

I promised myself that I would go to bed before 12 tonight and it is now 12:10am(ha ha...yeah, I 'm a typical night owl!) this is gonna be a quick post.

The May Day Holidays was a really a good rest time for me. As I said in my last post, I decided to be lazy and I really DID! Sitting by the big window at home, either reading, thinking or just doing nothing (with music of course) is my definition of "Delicious". In the meantime, I managed to finish my intern report. Oh,wow! I re-read one of my favourite books- The Little Prince. That is a beautiful yet a little nostalgic story with profound messages. Love it!

I bought two great documentary DVDs today. They are two consecutive series about 14 HK TVB actors or actresses travelling to 14 different places in the world. Not only does each episode introduces the history, culture and places of interests of a certain place, but the hosts in each episode (one of the 14 stars) also talk about their feelings and life in a deep level. The episode which I really look forward to is the one in which Ada Cai travels to Israel and talks about how God has saved her from her melancholy childhood and how much she cherishes life now - a GREAT testimony. I've started the first episode about Cambodia...Two words - " heart stirring ".

I'll be back to the swing of classes and homework tomorrow, so time for bed. Night!:)