Saturday, October 20, 2007

That's what friends are for

I just heard this beautiful song from the O.C. - "That's what friends are for". Can't really describe how much it touches me! Today is the kind of days when I have specail feelings from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep,although nothing special actually has happened. The deepening realization of having awesome friends in my life is like a blissful spring that flows inside me, sweetly and gently,irrigating each body cell.

Haha...may be a little emotional right now, but just think that I should let you all_My Precious Friends_, know that I LOVE YOU - and that's what friends are for!

Here is the link to the song and lyric:
If you happen to bump into this note of mine and still get another 4:15 minutes, would you please listen to this song and allow it to tell you how much I appreciate you, each individual of YOU!

The song is still playing in my computer...I think I'd better keep silent right now and let this blissful feelings soak deeper in me.:)

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Huge new TV

Over the National holidays, my father bought this huge new Panasonic Plasma TV. I was thrilled at the size of the TV when he took me to the store and showed me that.The "WOW! No way!" kind of thoughts were still running through my head as I sat at the sofa in the living room and watching at the widescreen. The interesting thing about widescreen is that everthing seems shorter and ...fatter (I think it's somewhat funny). But overall, it is as luxurious as having a small private cinema at home. :)

The old TV is still watchable, but just doesn't work so well at times,plus the new one is not cheap, which was why mum and I asked dad to think twice before he bought the new one. But I assumed dad was right in sticking to his purchase philosophy - buy things with better quality and relatively higher yet affordable price. The old one he bought has been used for 17 years without repairs.

Speaking of the ole TV, I remember a funny scene: one day 17 years ago,when I was back home from the kindergarten, I hit my nose at a big and tall case sitting at the door. It took me quiet a while to realize it was a new TV (a big one to me at that time). Then for the next 30 mins, I danced around the case quite the way an Australian aboriginal did around his prey over fire. Haha...I had an insane kind of excitement in me, I guess.