Sunday, June 10, 2007

Team Fun

As promised, I post some team pictures this time.:)

1)After worship last night, the guys decided to see who is stronger. Here-Kody VS Hassen. Kody won!

2)Go,Brittany! If you lose, no more peanut-butter sandwiches for you!" John was threatening. Oh,well...Brittany and Ervin were forced to involve in the game eventually. Guess peanut-butter sandwich was a magical inspiration, Brittany managed to win though it took so long! (from the pic, guess you can almost hear the loud noise in the room...)

3) Girl pic at the girl's apartment.(conter-clockwise from the first line: Anna, Me,Magan, Brittany,Megan,Amber,Erica,Stephanie,Elyse)"

I'd like to update about how my last week has been. I went to school in the morning and stayed with the girls at their apartments at nights. So COOL to just chill out together and have belly laughs! There're also many things of the team's aprartments that need settleing...Fortunately, things went well generally and we're expecting ADSL to get set up this week. But unfortunately,I "la-du-zi" (had diarrhea) so badly and had an upset stomach on Wednesday becasue of bad food and hot weather, so I was kinda dying that day. A 4-hour IV on Thursday saved me but surely NOT FUN! On Friday afternoon, I went to the fabric market to look for silk for Heather's wedding and then went shopping with Magan and Megan for my next day's interview. I had lunch with my teacher Melanie and my boss from Zachry on Saturday - I think my main job is to interprete for my boss and his Canadian partners on business talk this summer. A little nevous,but I think it should be fun!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Team Is Here!

Yay! The Refuge team is BACK! This time, we have 13 people of which are 7 girls!! Think of that,what a treat to Samski! :-)
I met them up at the train station on Friday and when John and Critter came out,they hug and shake me like crazy, glad that my head wasn't shaken off! Then, guess who came out? AMBER MOSS! Oh,dear! What a surprise!:)

Then we just rented two vans and headed to our complex. Thanks to Tommy and Alex who went to Raymond's house to get the team's stuffs from last year, it saved A LOT of time! So, john just checked the apartments and I helped him sign contracts and deal with some other stuffs with the agent and landlord! I am so happy that the team love the apartments! Elyse and I are sharing a matress in a suite room with Megan and Magan (M&M,huh?), so that is sweet! Adam is also back, and there are other new poeple too who are rockingly awesome! I pray that God will bless me to be a blessing to them again this summer! I love them!

On the other hand, I think I am changing my summer plan now. I was thinking about working Liyang Crazy English camp and then learning Spanish. But my economic teacher just gave me a shock last Wednesday. She asked me to work on a project of her friend's American Constuction company named Zachry! Wow- what a challenge and i think I will learn so much from that! But i kinda question myself," Can I really do it?" Well, I will try my best!

I am actually using Amber's computer at Starbuck and the batery is running low, so post later (with pics maybe)! Adios!