Saturday, December 29, 2007

M-E-R-R-Y Christmas!

This Christmas is really and unexpectedly MERRY! I got great gifts, saw great friends and heard great news…Haha, here I am to count all those merriness with a grateful heart.

Christmas Eve on Shamian

So this year is actually my first time to attend the Christmas Eve Service in Shamian Church. I used to avoid that before cos church was always packed that day. But since I got some precious girls going, I decided to fight for a seat this year. I arrived 45 minutes before the service and the ushers were already blocking people from entering for the church was way packed. So I kinda sneaked in with the assurance that Jade had already saved me a seat. (Thanks,sis!) The service started at 7 and it was AMAZING from the beginning to the end! Choir, solos, story telling, sharing, brief sermon…all combined together in a beautifully decorated church where warmth and joy mellowed and overflowed. Aww…and all those praises and worship were given to the Holy One – Jesus Christ! After the service, policemen had to help keep the order outside of church for people were still trying to flood in. The night time on Shamian Island was pretty charming, except that it was way too crowded that night. (I wish all people would know the true meaning of Christmas.)

I’ve posted a photo album on facebook so that you may see more of what the church and service were like. If you still aren’t on facebook, you really should get on!

A Talk with Amber!
I think the greatest gift I got for this Christmas was a long talk with Amber on phone!! She got me an international phone card this summer so that I could call her. It was so refreshing to hear her sweet voice!!! We were both excited...

Magan and Adam Got Engaged!
This is the greatest news of the year!! I am sooo excited for them. I am trying every effort to go to America to attend their wedding. Pray that everything would work out.

Passion Worship Coming to HK
Yeah…there will be no Passion Worship events in Atlanta or LA or anywhere in the States in 2008, cos they will be touring the world. AND they are coming to Hong Kong in October!! I hope I will get to experience it. More infor will be launched out on their website later in January. Get pumped, people!

Chao Visiting Guangzhou

Chao came back to China to see his family for the first time in a year and a half after he has been to LSU. I was happy to finally meet him. He came all the way from Hunan province to visit Guangzhou yesterday. I met up with him at the train station and showed him around Shamian. We had a great time talking and visiting. He told me what life of Chinese students was like at LSU and I told him what being a Christian was like in China. Oh, and he got me a whole box of Ferrero chocolates! So happy! Thanks, bro! :)

Zhang Xue You Concert
Here he comes – Zhang Xue You, the greatest singer! He is having two concerts in Tianhe Sport Stadium both last night and tonight to conclude his 2007 world concert tour. I am glad he selected Guangzhou as the final spot. Tickets were usually sold out a month before his every concert wherever he went. So I was lucky to get a ticket for tonight, although it was expensive. Can’t wait!!

I’d like conclude this long post with a link to my favourite Christmas song of this year by Zhang Xue You. It’s called Lost Christmas. I think you will find a peace in it. Enjoy!

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