Saturday, January 5, 2008

A for "Apple", B for "Boy"...I for :)

I went out of the classroom after study tonight and headed back for my dorm. The night greeted me with cold fresh air and tranquility. I looked through the redbud trees waggling in the wind, and saw pieces of lamp light sparkling like gold. Another charming winter night to embrace...

Just when I stopped trying to breath in the night, I heard a woman's voice from behide, " Aaaaa is for ?" Silence... "Bbbbb is for ?" Silence... "Cccc is for?" "C is for Cat,Babe!" a man said in a soft voice. "Ahh...C for Cat" a cute voice followed. I turned back and saw a man holdinhg a little girl (about 3 years old,I think)on his shoulder and a woman was walking beside him. I smiled and watched them walk past me, with my memory brought back to my childhood -I used to sit on my father's bicycle rack and followed him as uttered those few English words he knew -"I am a worker." I heard that again in my head and repeated...

"Iiii is for?" the woman's voice took me back to the winter night. " I...i...I is for Ice-cream!" the girl shouted cheerfully. Hahaha...laughters and applauses.

Good job,girl! :)

P.S. With that in mind,I'd like to share a song that keeps me smiling this week. - 摇瑶(a song written by 张学友 for his daughter.)

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