Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not This Time

So I don't think I can make it to Passion's Regional this time... "Oh, did't you say that already last time?" you may ask if you have read my last post. Well, yeah, but as I said, things are always changable as the weather.

At first, I got Passion's invitation to Dallas on Feb 15-16.I didn't have a passport so I applied immediately. Then I was told it would take 15 workdays to get the passport. Combined with the visa interview wait time at the embassy,I would say two words for sure," No way!" I looked at my calenda and cried for like a few mins, it's kinda hard not to cry cos I missed such a good opportunity! But I wasn't really disappointed.Oh, well...I emailed Pasion back and told them I probably couldn't make it in time.That was the end of the story when I post last time.

As there is an encore to every concert, there is an encore to this drama.In the next few days, I told a few friends that I am not gonna make it in time. But they said it was unusual that I got the invitation and I probably shouldn't give up
that early. "I don't know" is all that I had in mind. So I prayed and waited for God's answer. Ha...the next day, the drama did take a turn. In the morning at about 8,I called the emabssy to see when the earliest interview time would be - Feb 13. No,thanks! I didn't have my passport yet anyway. Then at 10:30, my father called and said my passport arrived. Wow! He told me my passport numbers and then I immediately called the embassy again. The interview time - still Feb. 13! "I can't book the time for you now. I am afraid you gave a wrong passport number. A Chinese citizen can't have a passport number that starts with a J",said the lady over the phone. "Oh, ok, thanks, I will check again!" I hung up and called my father again to check. Oh, it was actually a G and not a J. But at this momnet, my embassy calling card ran out of mins (54RMB for 12 mins - crazily expensive!) Then I went to the CITIC Bank to buy another phone card and called again. " The ealiest interview time is Feb 4..." said the lady. "WHAT! Feb. 4!" I couldn't believe my ears! I thought God made the miracle happen! After reserving the interview time, I sat down with a little relief and then emailed Passion again and also told a few friends I might make it this time. They were all very happy for me. Later, Passion emailed back and said they might change my trip to Washinton DC on Feb 22-23, but they hadn't decided. So, I crossed my fingers and wished "Please, NO!" Well, last night they emailed again with a final decision that they decided to want all their guests to attend DC regional instead of Dallas. School schedule contradiction + my father's concern= No way! At this point, I think I can draw the closing curtain to this drama - Not this time!

Honestly, I can't fake and say I am happy about this, but I am OK! After all, Passion is coming to HK in Oct. Trusting that God always knows the best,I am trying to be is not easy though.

Thanks to all my friends (esp. Jesse, Chao,Jade and Amber!)who have given me so much support thus far! Love yal!:)

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Christa said...

But God worked it out and you made it to Passin DC...Amazing how God works