Monday, January 14, 2008

Changable As Weather

How is the weather forecast made on BBC? Is greenhouse effect the only cause of global warming? What is the trend of the changes of global climates. Whose responisblity it is to tackle the climate problems?

I found out all the answers last night. Anna and I attended the Cafe Scientificque Night hosted by the British Council at the Green Island Cafe. They invited Bill Charles to give a speech and it was amazing! Bill was a meteorologist from the U.K. and the Editor in Chief of the BBC weather forcast program before he retired. He has taught us so much last night. It is intersting to learn that the weather man we see on BBC is actually a meteorologist himself and he has to be, because there is very limited time between recieving datas and broadcasting. Once the weather man receives the data, he must analyze them, draw the weather map and then think about how he can put it into simple language so that anyone can understand(In Bill's word, it is called "bus-stop" language). The whole process is mainly done by the same man.So he must be a meteorologist and a broadcaster at the same time.

Smart and famous as Bill was, he wasn't snoppy but very nice. He answered our questions patiently even after the event ended. Anna and I were honored to take a picture with him. :)

Changable as the weather is my plan to attend Passion's Dallas Reginal in Feb. My mind was blown when I got their invitation, but I am sad to find out I can't make it in time for the conference because it takes over a month to get a visa. It's a pity but I am certainly not disappointed cos God took me through so many last-minute dramatic changes last summer that I've learned to trust His plan. At least, I have applied for a passport which I probably wouldn't get if it were not for this invitaion. If God wills, I am sure there will be a future opportunity. :)

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