Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Chilling at Midnight

A tranquil night finds me chilling at 00:45a.m. with my laptop and some beautiful French music. I don’t know French, so I have no clue what she is singing. But I love the music because of the way it makes me feel – surreal and calm.

A long day of work today (definitely not just today.) Thomas gave me a long excel file to translate and Luke is waiting for his marketing materials to be translated next Monday. Cindy is trying to push for Demos (presentations) of the software portion I have learned so far – I have to do a Demo and take a test each time I finish learning a portion of the software system developed by the company. I work in the customer support team of a software company. It’s challenging for me to learn the complicated system, sometimes it could drive me crazy. But generally, I am excited about this job as it gives me the opportunity to learn something I am not familiar with and some management skills. Plus, I get Sundays off for church, so that is nice!

I am kinda lazy with carrying my camera around lately, so no recent picture posted with this note. But hopefully some nice pics coming up soon. I actually should ask Melody to send me the lovely picture we took the other night. Melody and I met through Facebook (Amazing!!! 6 degree theory again!) and she is going to leave in GZ for a year with her team. We actually live close to each other around Zhong Da, so we can hang out quite often. She is SO encouraging and fun! Praying for her team to settle down really soon and loving life in GZ. Also, can’t wait to see what great things the Lord will do through them!

Passion HK is coming up pretty SOON- Oct.16th !!! For those of you who want to attend and haven’t got tickets yet, plz don’t hesitate. (You can buy tickets on or email your name and email address to Passion if you are from the mainland and can’t afford tickets- YES, you will get in FREE!!!)

In fact, I have more update to write. But I am falling asleep…So I will stop here and say good night. Breakfast with Yuan tomorrow before church – Sweet! Hope you have a great weekend too, my friends!  Hasta luego!

P.S. BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying for me and encouraging me! That means A LOT to me!

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Jesse said...

Thanks for the update. So good to hear what's going on with you!