Saturday, December 13, 2008


5:27am in the morning and I am sitting in the office - last night of overnight shift this month.I took a 2-hour nap and now Yvonne is asleep a few desks from me. A peaceful night tonight - no horrible email attack from "L",not even one. (Praise GOD!) I think "L" has somehow turned into an unpredictable tornado that sweeps the office at nights - we are all afraid. Anyways, Yvonne is going to travel to play with her friend after work and I am going home to sleep till 3pm for tutoring. So glad that I'm gonna have 3 days off in a row to rest and breathe. I'm not excited about catching up with over 400 emails after I come back to work next Thursday though.

I have been asking the Father a lot about His direction for me next year. I know He has got something. My heart is so stirred these days - trying to hear His voice more clearly and find a confirmation from Him. Being patience is hard. Even harder is to submit once we hear Him. But we all know we will never regret trusting and following Him! I want to thank all my friends who hear me talk about my dream, pray with and for me, and actually encourage me to pursue my dream. Yal are precious!!!

Gonna see some cool girls for study and fellowship tonight.Mel has me translate "How Great is Our God" into Chinese so we might sing it tonight.:-)

Just a random song recommendation - Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood. Love it!!

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